Monday, 12 November 2012

Jake's Cafe, Wednesday 7th November

This is how music should be.
Written by Emma Whitehead

For those who weren’t at Jake’s Cafe on Wednesday  7th November, picture this... one of the oldest buildings in Harrogate providing natural acoustics, the lighting dimmed to a romantic orange glow against the brickwork, the stage set as part of the crowd, and the room filled with a close group of family and friends. For music lovers everywhere this is performance stripped back to the basics. No need for gimmicks or fancy effects, just the artists and their pure talent Ont’ Sofa. This is how music should be.

Thabo, the main vocals for Extra Curricular, presented the evening- Cool is the only way to describe this man! Annie Drury stunned with her opening act, singing her original songs and playing the keyboard, she is beautiful in every sense of the word. Billie Tweddle followed next, and at only the age of 13 it is unbelievable just how talented this young girl is. Billie plays with such ease and confidence, writing her own songs that access the emotions of every person irrelevant of age or gender. Jasmine Kennedy, who performed a couple of weeks ago at Lure Bar, took to her own at Jake’s, proving not only to be an acoustic sensation, but a comedy genius too. And let’s not forget those pillow cases and t-shirts of cats she creates in her bath tub- Meow girl! The wonderful Kal Lavelle (not Carl!) brought the evening to a climatic finale. Words cannot come close to describing the atmosphere that she lifted in this small, intimate upper room in Harrogate, one cold November night. Standing next to her before she took to the stage it was humbling to hear her words of praise for the other artists, especially with her performance that was to follow and close the evening. She had everyone dancing on their feet, and even had the crowd performing at the choruses (what a talented bunch!).

Atmosphere, emotion, raw talent and friends. Wednesday 7th November at Jake’s was a night that will be relived in the minds and tête-à-têtes of everyone who was there, for years to come. What a success!

Friends and Family
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Courtesy of Mr. Tom Bentley photography.

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