Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mike and Jasmine- an acoustic sensation!

Shivers of Delight!
Written by Emma Whitehead

Lure Bar in Harrogate has become the place to be on a Friday evening for your weekly live music fix. Last week Ont’ Sofa introduced two fantastic artists; Mike Bradford and Jasmine Kennedy, to dazzle the crowd with their vocal and acoustic talents.

Mike began the evening with his striking Newton Faulkner acoustic skills, delighting everyone with both his own songs and individual twist on covers. His performance ranged from heart melting soft harmonics, to fun and bubbly acoustic runs. To look around the bar, not a soul could keep their eyes and attention off this talented artist. 

Jasmine, too, gave a compelling performance. Her presence and soft delivery was so touching it reached every hair on the back of our necks, sending shivers of delight through the crowd. During her a capella, Reasonable Reaction, only her beautiful voice filled the room as everyone wanted to take every sensation in, I am sure even the traffic stopped outside!

There is not just a reasonable reaction to these evenings; there is fast becoming an unbelievable reaction to this growing live acoustic music scene. Come down and see more fantastic artists this Friday and every Friday at Lure Bar in Harrogate. With two for £5 drinks, what excuse do you have left?

Jasmine Kennedy on the night.

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